Punk didnt lie!

Haven’t had a weird dream like that in ages! My mum was acting really weird, we found out she had taken some pills, we didn’t want her to take anymore so we locked her in the garden whilst she was asleep and got Booker T to take the rest! Whilst Booker T was off his face on pills he decided to get naked and get in my sisters bed and insisted on us taken photos of him to show how black he was against the bed sheets! then it went really really weird, so weird that I can’t even explain! then all of a sudden the weird part ended and I was coming out of my local corner shot where there was loads of dead people! I started walking home and Missy Elliot was all dressed in blue and tried kissing me and got blue lipstick all over me! just before I woke up Jakoby was playing in his cot with a really old fashion push along toy!

27 June 2011 Over due baby, WWE CM Punk, Pokémon [VLOG]

Oh Velvet Sky you sexy bitch!